Custom Murals, Faux Finishes and Restorations

The mission of Bryan Albert Painting Studio is to create inviting spaces that embody a visually and emotionally pleasing ambiance.  I base this evolution on the guiding principle that any interior environment can be enhanced by transforming surfaces into artistic expressions of your inspiration, imagination, or personality.  Enriching your surroundings using color and design is an investment that promises to bring you a renewed sense of attachment to and enjoyment of your home or a refreshed atmosphere for your business.

Your vision may include creating a theme room, transforming ordinary or tired decor into something dramatic, maximizing the potential of an empty wall, establishing a relaxing sanctuary in your bedroom or bathroom, adding unique designs or finishes to walls or furniture, wood graining painted trim or doors, creating elegant effects that enhance ornamental details or highlight architectural elements, or introducing any other inspiring and imaginative aesthetics to your home or business enclave.  Any paintable surface can be personalized including walls, ceilings, furniture, tiles, floors, mantles, or other architectural features.  I can actualize a specific request or brainstorm with you to build on your ideas regarding genre, theme, design scheme, color palette, or placement.  I can tailor my work to coordinate with existing or planned decor, architecture, or furnishings or to reflect current trends or traditional themes.

Bryan Albert Painting Studio offers:

  • trompe l’oeil (“fool the eye”) – murals or effects that appear three dimensional by using perspective to create the illusion of depth
  • glazing
  • wood graining
  • gold, silver, and copper leafing
  • faux marble, granite, and stone
  • stenciling
  • Venetian plaster
  • patina (aged appearance)
  • period-specific design