The photographs are taken from two custom wall murals for a residential job. The goal is to achieve a backdrop for two built-in niches or recessed areas. Both are on the same wall taking place on opposite ends of the wall. These Photographs are taken off site at my studio. The murals are painted on linen which is stapled to the wall at the studio. Later when these murals are installed they will be installed with a strong wallpaper paste. As the paste dries the linen will shrink slightly and the linen will fuse to the surface.

color-patter-2One important aspect about these murals is the way pattern is used and the study of one pattern next to another pattern. Patterns, just like colors are relative to what are around them. In other words a particular shade of red appears one way when it is next to green verses when that same shade of red is next to orange, it appears as a slightly different color. Both murals contain hidden animals and creatures within the patterns. In the beginning stages of the mural planning phase the client suggested I hide little surprises within the murals this is why you will find camouflaged little creatures.

Color also plays an important role. For example, red in these custom wall murals ties everything together, while the blues and greens compliment the red therefore causing the peacocks to come forward in the composition. The metallic paint gives the murals a new dimension. At different times of day the metallic gold will appear drastically different in hue and color.