Custom Wall Murals

Bryan Albert Painting Studio has a combined 20 years of experience, on the job training and art education. This allows Bryan to feel confident in creating any style of hand painted wall mural you can dream up. We also realize the prep work for any custom wall mural is an important, key step in the process of creating your own unique hand painted mural. We are skilled in doing any priming, plaster work or any other type of surface preparation needed to achieve an outstanding finished wall mural.

After calling Bryan Albert Painting Studio to discuss your general request, Bryan will  provide a free consultation in which the location of the proposed wall mural will be visited and ideas for the custom wall mural will be discussed with the client.  After this initial meeting, an estimate will be put together detailing the cost of the hand painted mural as well as pencil sketches for client approval. If you are satisfied with the project and pricing outlined in the estimate, a deposit is due in order for Bryan to schedule a date for the work to begin. The remaining balance is due upon completion of the wall mural.